Saturday, January 24, 2009

The New Addition!

So Adam and I bought a horse yesterday! She is a 2 year old loud dark bay overo mare. I don't normally like mares, but there was something different about her. She had the sweetest, kindest eyes and her and Adam really liked eachother. She is so pretty! She is not broke to ride, so it is going to be a fun project for Adam and I to do together. She looks like she will be built perfect for ranch sorting and stuff like that, so Adam said I could use her to do that, since Tootie is huge... haha. She will be his horse, since I have Tootie. We have to finish building a barn (more a big 3 sided shed, the pen is built) for the horses and then we are bringing her over! She doesn't have a name yet (we don't like the one she has...haha) so Adam is thinking of a name. So far he likes Evenin, so they can be like Adam and I love that guy. I will put up pictures as soon as we get some!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok, so I am sitting here staring at a mostly blank screen wondering what to write.... It's crazy to think people from all over sit at their computer staring at a blank screen until thoughts start to pour out. It's also weird to think that people from around the world can sit at their computer and look at what I am writing now. So to you out there today, tomorrow, or years from now: Hi! I hope you are having a great day!

I had a great day. Thursday is about to be over, which means one thing.... Friday's almost here!! I rode Tootie today, and he was so awesome. There is nothing like running across a field on the back of a horse. It's addictive.

Today I feel like talking about music. Music can dictate my mood. One minute I am singing full blast to George Straight's "Cowboy's Like Us", the next I am trying to sing like a rockstar to Crossfade's "Cold". Most of the time I like to think I am a rockstar. I have tried to write a few songs, but can't put them to music. Maybe I feel in the shadow of Adam. To all those people out there interested in finding new "It" rockstars, I will introduce to you my husband. I am not just wearing "Wife Goggles". He is amazing. The songs he has written grab your heart. His voice sounds like a raspier version of the GooGoo Dolls. I haven't seen a person yet not mesmirized by his singing. Anyway, I am off my bunny trail and back on the path.... I love listening to lyrics. It's like you get a peek into someone's heart and soul. Listen to "Pieces" by Red, it gave me goosebumps. The perfect combination of lyrics and music can "sooth the soul". It has helped me get through so much. Some people look at me strange when I say that, but sometimes songs say things I can't. It's comforting to know someone is going or has gone through something similiar. It's like you know you aren't alone... The video "Colors" by Crossfade is one of those. 12 Stones also do good ones. I am not so much into videos, though. Most of them take away from the lyrics, I believe. However, I am way more into rock than any other style. I have had guys tell me I am addicted to the "pain" of rock, but really, it's connecting to the artist. Isn't that what music is about? Writing what is on your heart?

Ok, on a lighter note, it's almost the weekend!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My First One

Ok, so I have given in to this whole blogging thing.... yay!

To start, my name is Shannon, I am 22 and I just graduated college. WooHoo! I actually loved college, however class would usually get in the way. I am always up for a good time, and I hate scorpions. Good thing they don't have wings to fly.