Monday, November 30, 2009

Ah Winter!

So it has definitely slowed down here! My horses are getting turned out and are all growing their fuzzy winter coats. It is getting cold, the high today was in the fourties! The horses are all doing great, they keep me laughing! All are so different in personality, it can be really funny... One of my mares, Puddin, is definitely the cougar of the bunch. She is older but prances around swishing her tail and tries to get the attention of all the boys. Star, one of my younger ones, is kinda a doofus. He followes all the other horses around and mimmicks everyone. Each horse has a definite personality and it's funny because they can all be people traits. I have one that would for sure be the typical jock, one that would be the preppy boy, etc. The camp kids have a blast trying to decide what their horse would be if they were a human.

We got a new dog to add to our family! Her name is Dakota and she is a catahoula. I got her from a no kill shelter in the nearby town. She is really awesome! I take her on my rides and she never tries to chase deer, bark at the horses, or anything! She is very smart and really athletic. She is about 10 months old now, I got her in late June.

On a down side... I cut off the end of my finger Friday. I have a grill guard on the front of my Jeep Wrangler and it folds down so I can put stuff on it like hay, etc, to carry around. To get it to close I really have to slam it back up and the bottom part folds up and overlaps the top part (it's metal). Well I slammed it hard to get it to close and shut my right index finger in the grill guard. It completely cut off the tip and the doctor said it barely nicked the bone. It's pretty gross right now, but hopefully it will heal quick!