Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Getting Green

Yay, spring is here! It's getting warm and the bluebonnets are out! I love looking at all the shades of green.

My finger is doing just fine now, it healed up really nice and you can't really notice anything is wrong with it unless I hold it next to my other index finger (you can tell it's shorter). I got a new horse, her name is Pistol. She just turned a year old in March and she is registered with AQHA. I have been wanting a new project to work with and hopefully she will be my new sorting horse when she gets old enough. She goes back to Hollywood Gold, Doc Bar, Doc O'lena, etc. Her grandsire is Holidoc. She is going to be a beautiful bay roan (hopefully).

Things have changed a lot on the ranch. Cathy (the camp director) is leaving and heading to Alaska for the summer. I am kinda jealous, that would be so much fun! We are left with a guy who took her job that has about as much smarts as a common goldfish. It's frusterating.... My camp horses are doing good, though. I think they are as happy as me that it is warming up. I hired a new wrangler, Mark, to help me and he is doing good. It is weird, though.... it is hard to share my horses... haha. I am used to being the only one to take care of them.

I guess we will see what the future holds, hopefully something good!!