Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yay Camp!

I guess I have been at my job for about two months now and I love it! The hours are long, I work from about 7 am to 11 pm, but it the winter it will slow down, so it's ok. The horses are doing awesome, no major accidents yet (knock on wood). We just finished a week of camp. It was by far the funnest and yet most frusterating camp week I have ever worked. It was awesome because the kids were great (except for one), so we did so much fun stuff with them! We branded some steers with a hot brand, went on many hours of trail riding, let the kids run through a huge pond of water on horseback, camped out under the stars with their horses, taught them how to work cattle on their horses, and awesome stuff like that. Oh yeah, and I rode a steer on Friday! It wasn't that big, but it was still awesome! I was the only girl that did it.

Now to the frusterating part. One camper, let's call him "Phil" was from the city and was totally spoiled by his mom. He came from kinda a broken home, but he was 12 years old and had no respect for authority and especially not for girls. I would ask him to do something and he would look me in the eyes and flat out tell me no. One of the days he tried to run away and so I went to talk to him and he said "I just want to get away from asses like you". That wasn't the worst thing he said by any means, but it just hurt my feelings. Here I am busting my tail for these kids who I care about and try to teach and try to do stuff for, and he might as well of spit in my face. He did it to everyone, though, and you could tell the mother just didn't care to teach her son. We talked to her on the phone and she just didn't give a flip. All he said he does at home is play his Wii. I just get so frusterated at people who are too dang lazy to teach their kids anything, so they let video games and TV occupy them and they think it's ok. Parents need to get their kids outside and let them play and get dirty and not sit them down in front of a screen! We are going to have a country full of wussy kids here in not too long. Ugh! Ok, I am done ranting, it just really gets under my skin. For the most part, though, the kids were awesome!

We were supposed to go to Amarillo tomorrow, but we can't because we have to much stuff to get done around camp between sessions. I really need to ride and learn more trails to take clients on. I love trail riding with clients! I have had people from Dubi (not sure if I spelled that right), England, Ireland, New York, California, etc, ride with me. It is really fun! I am on a horse probably about 4-7 hours a day, so you can't beat that! Adam is doing awesome as well. He has really become an amazing boys counselor. It sucks because he has to sleep in a cabin with boys and I have to sleep by myself, but he is doing a wonderful job. :)