Friday, April 24, 2009


Her nails, like razors, scratch at her skin.
This feeling coats her, it wraps around her neck and chokes her.
Gasping for air she cries out but her voice is not heard.
Her shoulders ache from carrying all this weight, will it ever be lifted?
She hangs on, slowly loosing grip.

Her eyes are dry, the last tear fell long ago.
She stands, numb, but she is still standing.
Her heart aches, every beat a reminder of her pain.
Can she walk? Is it possible to move forward?

She holds her breath waiting for the torment in her soul to die.
The screams in her head steal the oxygen, she starts to go down.
Which will hit bottom first?
Her head? Her thoughts howl like demons, taunting her, making her want to lie down, to give in.
Her heart? It pumps pain, sending it through her body and into her soul.
She catches herself and holds on, gasping for air.

Slowly she rises, her eyes focus and she sees clearly.
Her feet, weighed down by the past, slowly start to move.
The screams get louder, making her head throb, should she stop?
Her heart starts racing, pounding fury into her veins.

She stops, takes a deep breath, and closes her eyes.
Her skin becomes rock, keeping the pain hidden, close to her heart.
Her shoulders no longer feel weight, protected by the stiff exterior.
Her head clears, feeling the numbness of nothing.
She takes a step and smiles.

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