Sunday, May 10, 2009

The New Job

It has been a crazy first week at my new job! I love it, but it is like nothing I have ever done before.... haha. Basically I am the head person over all the horse stuff. That includes riding the horses, feeding them, scheduling all their vet/farrier appointments, coming up with materials for camps and school groups, maintaining all the tack and barn area, etc. As you can imagine, I have been busy!! There is one guy under me, and he is cool, but kinda does stuff a lot different than me... I won't go into details... Anyway, the horses are awesome. They need A LOT of work, but I really like them. There are 13 of them (hopefully I can get more) and they are all quarter horses! Yay!
Anyway, this job is awesome! I ride about 6 hours a day (give or take) and spend the rest doing stuff around the barn. We work pretty much about 9-10 hours a day, but it's a different kind of work, so it flies by! I need about 20 hours to get everything done! Lol. It is so cool, though, because I can be riding down a trail and see Axis deer, Kudu, and Sables all in the same ride; maybe about 20 yards from me. It's insane!!

The funny thing about my job, though, is that I have to wear long sleeve button up shirts and a cowboy hat, and I am so not that type.... ha ha! Adam and I went into town yesterday and I got all that stuff and I feel so out of place!! But it is totally worth it! A few nights ago we went out at about 9 pm to net blackbucks. The ranch sold about 20 of them and we had to net them to transport them. We load up on a jeep with a big spotlight and a gun that shoots a big net out to catch them, and then we put them in a stock trailer. It is totally harmless for them, but it sure is a blast!

That is about all I have time to write about today! For anyone who loves to ride, you need to come out for a trail ride with me!! It will be a great time and it is not your average trail ride! :)


  1. Shannon, I'm so glad you are happy there. I was worried about you, but you seem to love it. It's great that you gave us an update! Keep having fun! We miss you!

  2. I MISS YOU!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!! did I mention that I MISS YOU!!!!!!